One of my molars has been bothering me for like 6months. I began a root canal in NY and then my family relocated to CT. During the transition my temporary filling began to dissipate and my tooth became hallow and cracked. I visited a dentist close to my new home to just get the tooth extracted but I was told the tooth was rather large so it would need to be surgically removed. At that point I didn’t feel comfortable having this procedure done by anyone other than an oral surgeon . Due to personal circumstances I had to wait about two weeks prior to scheduling , during this time my tooth became EXTREMELY painful and I was unable to eat , sleep or even think clearly because of the constant pressure of the tooth causing severe headaches. I was referred to about 6 offices ( 5 of of which did not have immediate availability ) . I was able to get an appointment at Coastal Connecticut Oral & Maxillofacial surgery (Hamden location) for the following Monday I just had to make it through the weekend!!! Entering the office the receptionist was friendly but the real rock stars were all in the back! The dental assistants were completely warm , welcoming and funny. I was ecstatic to see the dentist (Dr. Salomon) was cut from the same cloth! During my appointment they kept me engaged , comfortable and literally held my hand through the procedure. They were not only knowledgeable but relatable as everyone shared similar random life stories to keep me in high spirits and distracted from the procedure. Dr. Salomon made sure I was completely numb and talked me through the scary sounds that I heard but never felt! A few of the team members are from the Guilford office and just happened to be working in Hamden today. (LUCKY ME!!) I entered with such an extreme level of anxiety and nervousness left the office feeling like my warm bubbly self before the problems with my tooth began. Visiting the dentist gives MILLIONS of people such fear from horrible past experiences that we tend to neglect our dental health. With a practice like Coastal Connecticut it’s finally possible to not only practice better dental hygiene but to be excited about your next dental appointment. Bravo Coastal Connecticut you’ve gained an entire family of patients!

- Jennifer E

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